Write better content with an AI that learns

Writekit is an AI assistant that evolves with you, streamlining content creation for higher quality and faster results.


Thinks, learns and grows with you

Writekit learns from your content and data so it can deliver tailor-made suggestions that truly resonate with your audience.

Adaptive Learning

As content evolves, Writekit AI adapts, ensuring relevance.

Extend knowledge

Train the AI on existing content for improved suggestions.

Brand Authenticity

Intelligent suggestions that echo your brand's voice.

Double Productivity

Skip edits with AI trained on your content for faster results.

Easy to Use

Intergrates deeply within the editor

Writekit's AI integrates into the editor, offering a powerful writing experience. Generate content, discover ideas, and extend narratives effortlessly.

Your AI Writing Assistant

Focus on what matters, as Writekit AI handles the heavy lifting, turning content generation into a stress-free process.

Let AI work with you

Enhance your workflow and ask the AI for assistance at any time. Writekit's AI is always ready to help you with your content.

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Effortless Content Expansion

Generate insightful additions to your content that match your unique tone, style, and context.

Continue writing
Use AI to extend your writing
Ask AI
Ask the AI what to do here
Generate transition
Smoothly connect two paragraphs or sections

Work Efficiently

Generate drafts of your content in seconds and iterate on them with AI. Keeping a constant flow of ideas has never been easier.

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Tone of voice
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Real-Time Collaboration with Your Team

Invite your team members to collaborate on your content in real-time, optimizing team efficiency and productivity. Transform your ideas into powerful narratives in record time.

After-Dark Productivity

Comfortable Nighttime Writing with Dark Mode

Switch to Dark Mode for late-night sessions. Minimize eye strain and enhance focus, perfect for after-hours creativity bursts.

Eye Comfort for Extended Use

Our night-mode theme significantly eases eye strain, ensuring productive late-night and early morning sessions.

Enhanced Focus & Concentration

Cut distractions and focus on writing. Reduce glare and distractions for optimal concentration in low-light sessions.

After-Dark Creativity

In the quiet of night, the ambiance ignites creativity with a novel perspective, enriching work in darkness.

Knows Your Audience

Endless content ideas, for your audience

The AI assistant learns from your content so you can brainstorm content idea's that are relevant to your audience.

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Pricing Plans

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Get started with Writekit today and rediscover the joy of writing with a constant source of inspiration at your fingertips.


Perfect for individual creators, offering affordable access to generative AI

$19/ month

50,000 AI generated words
  • AI-Powered content creation
  • AI Chat research assistant
  • 20+ languages supported
  • Unlimited documents
  • 1 user
  • Realtime content collaboration
  • Shared content library
  • High Priority support
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Maximize team efficiency with realtime collaboration and increased limits.

$39/ month

170,000 AI generated words
  • AI-Powered content creation
  • AI Chat research assistant
  • 20+ languages supported
  • Unlimited documents
  • 5 users
  • Realtime content collaboration
  • Shared content library
  • High Priority support

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Double your Productivity, Today

With Writekit, you can easily access a continuous flow of ideas. Our AI tools make writing feel natural, helping you avoid the empty page and inspire fresh thoughts.