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3 Nov 2023
Updated website

Updated website

We have updated our website to better reflect the changes over the last months. Writekit started with a focus on content generation, but we've since expanded to include features for brainstorming content ideas with the AI, managing projects, and training the AI on your data.

30 Oct 2023

Train Writekit AI on Your Data for Better Content Suggestions

With the latest update to Writekit, you can now have the AI analyze your project's website to better understand your company or brand. This feature aims to provide more tailored content suggestions that are in line with your unique voice.

Additionally, we've streamlined the process of managing your data with user-friendly controls. For those looking to explore content strategies in-depth, the platform now supports interactive brainstorming sessions with the AI based on your data.

To further enhance the content creation process, this data is accessible directly within the editor, simplifying the workflow and reducing the need for multiple tabs or platforms. This update focuses on providing a more cohesive and efficient user experience.

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20 Oct 2023
Manage using Projects

Manage using Projects

Introducing "Projects" in Writekit. Designed to provide a nuanced understanding of content and audience variations, projects not only keep your workflow organized but also offer a tailored approach to content generation.

Whether representing a client, your company, or a specific brand, projects encapsulate vital information about your target audience. Plus, with the flexibility to create multiple projects, managing content has never been more efficient and aligned with your diverse needs.

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14 Oct 2023

Easily Edit Links in the Editor

We have made it easier to and and edit links in the editor. You can now click on a link to edit, delete or inspect it. Links generated by the AI will now also be shown correctly within the editor.

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23 Sept 2023
Chat with Writekit AI to Brainstorm Ideas

Chat with Writekit AI to Brainstorm Ideas

Engage directly with Writekit AI through our new chat feature, providing a dynamic way to brainstorm and discover fresh content ideas.

Dive deep into topics of interest, explore various angles, and foster a more interactive content planning process.

To keep things organized, you can now assign custom titles and descriptions to your conversations, ensuring that every brainstorming session is easily accessible and identifiable.

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